About us

Hey there, curious cat! Here to know more about your favorite accessories brand? Read on!

What is Knick Knack Nook?

Knick Knack Nook is your one-stop destination for fashion accessories in India-for every mood, need and occasion! We LOVE versatility - and you’ll never find ‘more of the same’ designs on our website! With our unique capsule collections and new product launches every month, you’ll keep wanting to come back for more. From jewelry like earrings, rings, chokers, necklaces, nose pins and bracelets to socks, bags, headbands and sunglasses- we’ve got it ALL. Start binge shopping NOW-

Knick Knack Nook was launched in May 2017 by our founder Vrinda Dube in Delhi. Vrinda is a London Business School and Delhi University alumna and a bit of a jewelry freak. Having studied, worked and travelled abroad extensively, she sensed a large gap between great quality, high-fashion accessories and affordable pieces available in India. She wanted to establish a digital first brand that showcased a curated range of accessories for young millennials who aspire to invent their personal style through fashion on a budget. And that’s how Knick Knack Nook was born- a brand that brought together high street design aesthetic, great quality and affordable pricing that got you looking glam without blowing all your pocket money. Knick Knack Nook started off with a tiny collection of 30-odd products in 2 capsule collections - and we’re now 1200+ products strong with over 15 collections live, and SO MUCH more coming your way as you read!

Seriously, what does the name even mean?

Our brand name literally comes from ‘KNICK-KNACKS’, meaning trinkets or small accessories, and ‘NOOK’, which means corner - and that’s exactly what we are! Your go-to corner for fashion accessories across the board - from earrings and chokers to socks and headbands, sling bags and backpacks, and so much more!

What are these ‘Capsule Collections’?

Ever realized this - when you’re shopping for accessories, you’re never really looking for the same thing twice! You may have been shopping for your cousin’s wedding last month, but now you need something casual to wear to college, or to a glam date night, or to office! Our capsule collections make all of this SUPER easy for you!

All our products are launched in thematic capsule collections, put together based on a concept, design aesthetic, material, or style.

Looking for something casual and desi? Browse our Womaniya collection. Holo bags are your new thing? Our Galactica collection is for you. Find all things quirky in our Quirkee collection, tassels in Colourama, some vintage inspired pieces in Vintage Avenue, cocktail ready pieces in Social Butterfly, glam crystals in Class Act, Boho chokers in Scandal in Bohemia and much, much more!

Browse all our capsule collections here:

Where’s it all coming from?

On any given day, you can find our #KKNCrew hustling at our studio in Delhi to deliver your perfect KKN experience! We’re SO proud have an ALL girls team working on everything from design, merchandising and marketing to logistics, photography and graphic designing - led by our #GirlBoss Vrinda.

Here are some pictures from our cute li’l studio:

Sounds AMAZING! Where can you find us?

You can shop our entire range on our website, of course:

Our exclusive collections are also available to shop at

Nykaa Fashion:,accessories,knick_knack_nook


B&B Closet:



If you're from Delhi, you can also shop our knick-knacks from B&B Closet - 35B, Fashion Street, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi

You can also spot us across Delhi NCR at various popups- follow our Instagram page for updates!

Want to come say Hi? Drop by at our li’l studio @SIIF, SSCBS, Rohini, Sector-16, Delhi!