Zodiac Style for a Taurus Girl

Saloni Lunia

Posted on May 14 2018

Zodiac Style for a Taurus Girl

Zodiac Style

April 22nd to May 21st is the reign of the Bull, i.e. it is the time of second sun sign of the Zodiac- Taurus. An earth sign, Taureans are deeply rooted to the elements, and are hardworking and down-to-earth. This earth sign is ruled by Venus, and hence, symbolises their somewhat indulgent tastes and love for finer things in life.

Coming to fashion, icons like Gigi Hadid, Penelope Cruz, Megan Fox and Amber Heard are all Taureans. All of them are known for their fashion sense and presence in the world. Taureans carry themselves with grace and poise, and are known for making a statement!

We at Knick Knack Nook have curated three outfits inspired by the Taurean mindset, perfect for the weather and time when Taurus reigns the skies.



The First Look

 A minimal look to beat the heat- Take a pair of denim shorts, and a white ripped tee, or a cute romper and pair any of those with white sneakers to complete your look. To spice it up, add some accessories like the elegant long gold earrings from Knick Knack Nook, (shop it here) or the cute puppy shaped earrings to bring out the quirk (shop it here). To give the overall look a completeness, we recommend the stylish neckpiece called Moroccan Glory (buy it here) and a pair of our best-selling shades (check them out here)!

This look is all blues and whites, symbolizing the calm and composed yet stylish Taurean! A perfect look for the day out with girlfriends, or a solo-shopping trip!

Beating the Heat



Look number two!

Ethnic Love



Every girl needs a traditional ethnic look in their wardrobe, and we have curated an earthy look inspired by Taurus’s base element. Incorporating rustic earth inspired outfits, add some nude heels or jutties and you are good to go!

The right accessories are a must for this look, the outfit should command grace with the right amount of attention to other elements. The Vintage Avenue Collection at Knick Knack Nook is just the right place to start looking (check it out here). The gold themed ear pieces blend in effortlessly. To add a bit of colour or just to break the monotones, pop in some colour in your ears with the green crystal earpiece (Shop here) or the mismatched pearl pair (Check it here).



Some flora for look number three!

 Flora Look


The last look we have curated inspired by Taurus is flowy wrap dresses in floral prints. It is perfect for the summer and most importantly symbolizes a Taurean’s desire to be rooted to nature and all its elements. Studies suggest Taureans to be inclined towards flora and fauna, and also their ability to garden better.

To put in the right accessories, you must check out Knick Knack Nook’s Class Act Collection (see it here). Add in some black pumps or sneakers with floral appliques to go with the look. The best part of wearing sneakers is that it can be paired with our range of fun and colourful socks, which add an element of surprise, another Taurean trait! (Check out our collection here.) Throw in a classy neck piece, a statement ring or a quirky pair of Pineapple earrings, you have for you a fun, easy summer evening look.

 Guide to summer looks


Stay tuned for more Zodiac inspired looks from KNICK KNACK NOOK! Till then enjoy browsing through our website and let us know your favourite products!

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