Zodiac Style for a Gemini

Saloni Lunia

Posted on May 25 2018

Zodiac Style for a Gemini

zodiac style for a gemini

Say bye bye to reign of the Bull, and welcome the Twins, as we set into the third zodiac sign of the year- Gemini. Those born between May 22nd to June 21st , this is your time!  An Air sign, Geminis are fun, flirty, adventurous and one-of-a kind. The sign craves variety and is usually dressing in trends before they've even technically become trends.

The fashion world is led by icons like Zoe Saldana, Natalie Portman and our favourite set of twins- Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Their style ranges from monochromatic to bold clashing, and we, sure love to tap that gram!

Keeping in mind the Gemini traits and characteristics, we at Knick Knack Nook have curated three outfits inspired by the zodiac sign, perfect for the summer weather.


The First Look

The first look describes a Gemini perfectly- flowy, calm, chaotic, but still put together. We went for bright fun colours and equally fun accessories!

A pastel shirt dress, paired with a pair of bright socks from our Happy Feet collection and sneakers, form the base of the look. You can ditch the sneakers and opt for ballerina flats in a bright contrasting colour.

Throw in some Flaming Flamingo earrings, a bestseller from our Quirkee collection. A choker with a small owl as a pendant, is a wonderful detail to add. If you are feeling a bit too adventurous, add one of our clip-on nose rings for the edge.  Complete the look with a cute sling bag and a pair of our Nerdy Chic glasses.

 bright and colorful look



Look number two!

Every girl is in need of a traditional outfit or two, and the Gemini trait dictates layering! To fit your zodiac's adventurous side, don't be afraid to mix bold patterns and prints together in one outfit. Choose patterns that will be cohesive with one another, like stripes and grid patterns or large and small polka dots or plaid prints. This will make your outfit visually appealing.

Form the base of your look with a long kurti, and palazzo pants. Both of these can be printed or plain, based on your preference. Add layers with a waist-coat or a long printed dupatta, the idea is to keep the layers looking cohesive and giving attention to each subtly. For accessories, go with long neck pieces, something like Jhankaar or The gypsy collection of chokers or even Ahilya!  All of them available on

For earrings we suggest something long, and we suggest something fancy from our Womaniya collection, browse through and take your pick, choose accordingly. Add in a statement ring, some comfortable flats and you are good to go!

layer it up with accessories



Some real Gemini for look three!

Depending on the source you research, each zodiac has various birthstones. Mix Gemini's birthstones with the stone for your month (May or June) - aquamarine, along with agate, pearl, and emerald. You can pick your favorite and go head to toe in a monochromatic outfit of your color choice.

We are talking shoes matching with the dress, accessories in the same shade range and even shades in the same colour, if you can manage.

All bright colours are good for the summer, choose a color palette that goes well with your skin tone, and match everything from your head to your toes.

For reference purpose we take the colour emerald. An emerald sundress or romper, can be paired with chappals or slip-ons in the same colour. Add earrings from our Vintage Avenue Collection or even find beautifully cut gem-pieces in our Class Act collection. And maybe a bag or clutch in the same shade range. Add a statement neckpiece like our Moroccan Glory to take away some of the intensity; it is a neckpiece with charms and small trinkets that create a distraction.

 One colour trend

Stay tuned for more Zodiac inspired looks from KNICK KNACK NOOK! Till then enjoy browsing through our website and let us know your favourite products!

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