Vintage Vibes

Palak Bhasin

Posted on January 02 2019

Vintage Vibes


Vintage will never be not in trend, and we at Knick Knack Nook, firmly adhere to this fact. Our love for that classic glamour and the vintage charm has stood out in our venture, and we have our Vintage Avenue collection, wholly and solely dedicated to channel that old-school glam.


One of our most sold and popular collection at Knick Knack Nook, the Vintage Avenue collection is what dreams are made of. From mismatched earrings that speak of suns and stars, to elegant classy bracelets that ooze grace and charm, we have it all.

Statement neckpieces in all colours imaginable, uniquely designed earpieces, charming bracelets that add to the subtle glory of any look, our Vintage Avenue collection is sure to present to you accessories you will fall in love immediately.

Tiered-tassels in gold, gem-cut elegance and a mix of regal colours as well as some bright fun accessories, which form the highlight of any look.

Shop your favourites on, and follow our social media handles to get your eyes on our latest collections and restocks.

Do not forget to follow our blog for lookbooks, zodiac styles, style decodes and and a lot more fun stuff. Be sure to tag us in your post and use #MyKnickKnacks for a chance to get featured on our page.

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