Trends Spotted-2018

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Posted on December 29 2018

Trends Spotted-2018

Looking for accessories on the style radar? We have 3 major trends for you, which stole the show of many fashion runways this year. If you will incorporate it in your wardrobe, others will also follow suit.

  1. TASSEL MANIA- Your style staple is incomplete without tassels. It was not only used in terms of accessories but was seen on outfits. Wear a white petite corset tunic t-shirt along with pink and silver lace up heel. To be a tassel chic go for the Opera- Steel earrings.
  2. EMBELLISHED STATEMENT- This year’s motto- Go big or go home. Statement earrings have become a huge rage this year and accompanied with embellishment is like the icing on the sugar. Wear a red fleece crop top along with denim joggers and vintage denim jacket. Pair it along with red leather boots. To make a statement, go for the Crystal Drops earrings.
  3. LAYER IT UP- Layering up the jewellery not only necklace is a trend nowadays. The motto – More is more. Wear a cropped silk satin bustier top along with paper bag waist midi skirt and opt for silver metallic stiletto mule slide. To layer your necklaces perfectly go for the Rachael Pearl strings necklace.

All the looks are available at Knick Knack Nook- India’s leading online accessories store.

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