The Art of Fusion : Silver jewellery edition

Saloni Lunia

Posted on June 07 2018

The Art of Fusion : Silver jewellery edition

 Fusion with silver jewellery - knick knack nook

The fusion trend is at its peak, and how can we let you miss out on all the fun!? We, ladies, are absolute suckers for any accessory that stands out and what is more appealing than Silver Jewelry? The need of the hour, however is ever changing, and we have decided to adapt with the change to incorporate traditional silver jewelry with western or western influenced outfits.

Therefore, at Knick Knack Nook, we not only have for you all accessories that you’ll need, but also some tips and tricks to make those beautiful silver pieces stand out.



For starters, we have kept it pretty tame. We have for you, some of our best-selling pieces that do not need elaborate planning and outfit details to work with a look. Just simply add these small accessories like our Maal nose ring or Lotus statement ring to make it stand out from rest of your outfit- traditional or western.

These do not need any extra pomp and show, and just blend in with any outfit.


 Nose rings, rings hand cuffs, earrings - knick knack nook



The next tip is a leap of faith, where we encourage you to add on silver neckpieces over your western outfits, for example button-down shirts or tank tops.

You can work with peasant tops, sheer crop tops or even semi-formal and formal western outfits. It is as simple as layering the jewelry over your outfit and carrying it with confidence.

Some of our recommended pieces would be Jhankaar, Chandani, or Jugni. Basically we recommend going through our Womaniya Collection to pick out what works best for you.


 silver necklaces, choker - knick knack nook



Chandbaalis, Jhumkas, Chandelier earrings, all of these have been our staples this season and the last. We have unanimously voted then evergreen, and therefore, not including them in this blog seems unfair.

Indian jewelry or basically any piece with an ethnic touch adds a layer of unintended grace to your whole look and outfit. The Indian skin tone and texture, moreover, is complemented by the cool-toned influence of silver jewelry.

The best part about earrings, is it adds the right amount of appeal to any outfit. We, at Knick Knack Nook, have a range of ethnic influenced, and traditional earrings that will not only stand-out but create a lasting impression on your outfit. Pair it with skirts-short or long, maxi style dresses or something as sophisticated as open lapelled jackets.


 Oxidised sillver jhumkas - knick knack nook


Silver jewelry is very versatile, and therefore can be worked with a lot of options. Pairing it with western outfits creates a fusion that we are all fond of. Ladies of the tinsel town of Bollywood are carrying this look with panache. The key is to keep it within your comfort zone, but yet daring to look different. Mix and match, create a style that suits you best.

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