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  It is a unanimously agreed fact that accessories make or break an outfit. We cannot emphasize the importance of accessories, be it a statement piece or even as small as the studs in your ears. The right bag can take your look to another level and the wrong shoes can make your perfect outfit look anything but. We firmly believe in maintaining a class, and some staple accessories add to your personal style statement. Keeping this in mind, we, at Knick Knack Nook, have for you a list of some staple accessories that need constant space in your wardrobe....

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  The fusion trend is at its peak, and how can we let you miss out on all the fun!? We, ladies, are absolute suckers for any accessory that stands out and what is more appealing than Silver Jewelry? The need of the hour, however is ever changing, and we have decided to adapt with the change to incorporate traditional silver jewelry with western or western influenced outfits. Therefore, at Knick Knack Nook, we not only have for you all accessories that you’ll need, but also some tips and tricks to make those beautiful silver pieces stand out.   BARE...

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All of us have been secretly and not so secretly been obsessing over nose rings, at some point or other in our life. And come what may, the ‘phase’ refuses to pass. Nose rings add a subtle edge to your appearance. An element of surprise and grace. India is a place, where traditionally nose rings are considered sacred and pious, especially in case of married ladies. Well, married or not, all of us accept that nose rings can be added as a pretty influential accessory, despite its size. Adding it to your look can create a very moving kind of...

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