Style Your Class Act Earrings 3 Ways

Arundhati Mehta

Posted on December 25 2017

Style Your Class Act Earrings 3 Ways


 One of the many reasons why getting dressed is so fun is that it gives you the freedom to  reflect your personality without speaking a word! Whether you like keeping things simple or prefer to make a statement, incorporating jewellery into your look is always a good idea. It is also the perfect excuse to update your collection!

Here are 3 different ways in which you can style your earrings to look chic & classy! 

     1.Modern Day Witch                                                                                                        Wings of Smoke, All Black Earrings, Class Act, Modern Day Witch                     

Do you just love wearing long black layers and have a striking adoration for tarot cards? If yes then you might be a modern witch in the making. Go for a black dress and pointy shoes along with a witch inspired bag to get this chic look! Don’t forget to add our Wings of Smoke earrings from the Class Act collection to spread magic wherever you go.

     2. Goddess in Green                                                           Goddess in Green, Flower Power- Clover Earrings, Green, Classy Earring                      

The best way to embrace your inner goddess is by wearing the right type of accessories. Opt for a white dress with a thigh high slit and a simple white clutch to get this swish look. For a pop of color, add green heels along with our dazzling Flower Power- Clover earrings to your look.

     3. Vintage Barbie  "Pink Earring, Speared-Rose Earrings 

 Look sassy by adding a hint of vintage to your look with this 50’s pink poodle dress and pink Marry Jane heels! You can go for pink retro cat eyes sunglasses along with our eye catching Speared-Rose earrings and up the sass game.

 These earrings are all available at Knick Knack Nook- India’s leading online accessories store.

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