Office Accessorizing- Do's & Don'ts

Vanshika Mendiratta

Posted on January 03 2018

Office Accessorizing- Do's & Don'ts

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication when it comes to office accessorising. One should always opt for a combination of Stylish and Comfortable for their office look.

Fashion lovers should definitely consider office as their fashion runway but also follow this Golden Rule of Office Accessorising -

Minimal Accessories & a Big No-No to flashy jewellery!

We've created 3 chic looks that you can keep in mind while dressing up for office.

 *CLASSIC OFFICE LOOK- A plain white collared shirt with black pencil skirt or pants is the classic office look. Though it is simple and immaculate, it possesses a pinch of classiness.

Do's- You can adorn this look by adding on black pumps and a silver metallic tote!  Also if you're wearing a tie then make sure your accessories complement the color of the tie.

Don'ts- Avoid wearing accessories with extremely loud colors as they don't blend well with the simplicity of this look.

You can further enhance this look by going for our magnificent & versatile 'Rachel Pearlstrings' necklace.



If you want to add a pop of color to your look, you can choose a black body-con pencil dress along with heels.To make this look more swish, you can opt for our elegant 'Enchantress' earrings. These beautiful pair of rhinestone earrings will add the correct amount of glamour to your look.



Do's- Both lipstick and heels of pastel shades should be considered to complete this look.

Don'ts- Ostentatious jewellery should be avoided at all times.

*BOARDROOM LOOK- Boardroom Meeting Time is basically Suiting Up Time! One of the best ways to leave a powerful impact in the boardroom meeting is by choosing the right clothes & accessories as they play a crucial role in reflecting your personality.

You can wear a navy blue coat with white top and navy blue trousers. Silver metallic pumps and a silver sling bag will look great with this attire. Set a trend by wearing our 'Crystal Drops' earrings to complete this look.



Do's- Go for suits that are elegant & classy. Also make sure you avoid dark lip shades.

Don'ts- Avoid wearing anything that can divert the mind of people from the main purpose of the meeting. Jewellery with ghungroos and mirror work is a big distraction! Your accessories should be small yet bold to make an impact. 

*SEMI-FORMAL PARTIES-  A Semi-formal party is the apt place for experimenting & taking risks! The perfect Semi-formal look is a blend of Chic & Austerity.

Since Ultraviolet is the Color of The Year- 2018 and Jumpsuits are also trending these days, you can opt for a purple jumpsuit along with silver pumps! You can give this look a pinch of Indo-Western Fusion by flaunting our intricately crafted 'Radha Likes To Party' Jhumkas and a silver handbag!


Do's- Go for Color Blocking if you want a bold & supreme look but make sure it doesn't pinch the eyes!

Don'ts- Dramatic attire and accessories should be carefully chosen.One should not forget the essence of the party while incorporating quirky accessories!  


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