Colour Blocking for Summer

Saloni Lunia

Posted on May 22 2018

Colour Blocking for Summer

get your colours in knickknacknook 

Season’s greetings folks! Summer and the summery vibe are a constant presence and this season we at KNICK KNACK NOOK, decided to break down our favourite trend- Colour Blocking. Let us, though, clarify how we intend to be different- we will colour block, but with ACCESSORIES!

Colour blocking, if you are confused, is a way of incorporating colours into your outfit for it to stand out. It's all about statement pieces and bold colours, creating a simple yet stylish look. With the right technique, you can easily do it.

Let us give you a basic outline of how it is going to work.

Start with choosing a colour pallete.  Almost any two colours can be worn together. Use the colour wheel to take your pick. You could follow simple rules to begin with. For example starting with two colours. You could mix and match your outfit with these simple suggestions-

  1. Select colours directly across from each other, like- yellow and purple .
  2. Pair two neighbouring colours on the wheel, perhaps, green and blue.
  3. Use colours that make an obtuse angle- blue and orange.


After you are done with your base colours start by adding in more colour. Since we are focusing on accessories here, we suggest you to forgo all subtlety and go bold. Colour blocking is truthfully, as simple as it sounds- blocks of colour. So go all out and incorporate solid colours for your clothes and accessories for that ‘colour blocked’ visual.

We have created our Colourama and Quirkee collection to aid you in this regard. All pieces in both these collection add the intended effect of bringing in colour, but bringing it with style. The bolder the accessory, the better; think wide headbands, bangles and cuffs, waist belts, and envelope clutches, or even coloured shades or bright socks!

Here are some visuals to help you out-

 colour blocking 1


how to use color blocking

Most of the accessories are from our collection from Knick Knack Nook’s Colourama  and Quirkee. You can add a pair of bright socks too, from our Happy Feet collection. A statement choker and neck piece works well too.

For tips and tricks like these, keep following Browse through our websites to take your pick from our range of accessories that make you stand out!

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