BLACK is the new BLACK

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Posted on July 27 2019

BLACK is the new BLACK

BLACK is the safest colour to choose at any time of the year and for any occasion. Black itself is a statement colour and it goes with everything. You can never go wrong with it, there’s never too much black. Black accessories are a must have for every woman. Here are our favourite blacks from our racks.


Everybody should own at least one pair of stone earrings and what’s better than Maleficient Black Wing Earrings and Black Retro Diva Earrings. We all own a black sling bag but it doesn’t match with traditional Indian outfits, so for that we have our Arm Candy Bag, you can pair it with western as well as Indian outfits without making your pockets suffer. For a chic and classy outfit just pair your basic jeans and t-shirt with Black Globetrotter Necklace to make a statement.

 black stone earrings, sling bag and necklace

It’s the season of tassels and nothing is better than having black tassel earrings. Ace your game of fashion with our Black Spade Earrings and Matte Black Shimmer Shuttle Earrings. Wear Our Black Rock Bracelet to add a chunk of statement and style to your boring clothes.

 black tassel earrings and bracelet

Upgrade your basic hoops with our Ring-a-Ring Earrings to stand out in your girl gang. Pair your heavy outfits with minimal accessories like our Jet Black Eleganza Earrings and steal the show with our cool and unique Cascades Coal Earrings.

 black hoop earrings, stone earrings and tassel earrings

 These were some tips to style our favourite black knick-knacks and look stunning. Browse through our website for more such trendy jewellery. Style our accessories in your way and send us a picture on Instagram to be featured.




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