Be College Ready!

Palak Bhasin

Posted on December 05 2018

Be College Ready!

The end of the holidays are upon us ladies, and we are entirely so not ready to brave the heat and make our way through the tedious college days. But, nothing can stop us from trying our best and what better way to feel the vibe by dressing the part.

The college looks are pretty much comfort blended with just the right amount of style, and given the weather, we can think of some essential accessories that will go with your college look or outfit.

Here is a list of accessories that can be your staple for this college sem-

    Well, summer is upon is in its full glory, and we are going to beat it in style. Hop on to and browse through our Sunny Side Up collection to pick your favourite pair of shades to glare this heat right off. Our Collection is full of colourful fun shades that will make you look cool as a cucumber in this heat. A new range has been added to the collection, all ready for you to pick out favourites and slay.


    We are all well aware how obviously earrings make up a huge part of our daily outfits. It is the most visible part of any look. For college days we recommend 4 pair of earrings every girl should be armed with. One traditional, one basic and two out of the box Quirkee ones to go with all planned and unplanned outfits.

We suggest browsing through our Quirkee collection if you are into loud, fun, statement earrings that break the monotony of the humdrum of college life.


  1. BAGS
    Contrary to popular belief, we do go to college to study and we need to carry our stuff. Our question is, why resort to carrying backpacks like commoners when we can waltz our way in style, owing to our new Bag to Basics We have full-sized clutches to round sling bags, all varieties to suit your needs for your kind of college day.

Make your way to our website ( and browse through our collection to get your hands on some amazing pieces.



Another essential accessory that highlights any outfit- Neckpieces add a layer of extra glam to your daily college looks, giving you the edge you did not even think you need. Like earrings we recommend four staple kinds of neck pieces that go with every planned, unplanned and thought-out outfits. One traditional piece that can be worn daily, a choker to spice out those tanks and off-shoulder pieces, a choker style neckpiece that works in versatility and a statement piece to enhance a special day.

Browse through some of our best-selling pieces to take choose pieces that work best for you and your style. All available on

  1. SOCKS
    What if you are one of those ladies that prefer to sneakers over heels and ballet flats over platforms, we have got your back too. Take a peek at our Happy Feet collection to pick out pairs from our range of colourful, fun socks that will literally brighten up your day and lighten your mood.

These are a range of ankle length, easy to wear and carry socks to protect your feet from all the dirt and grime, and comfortable in the weather, if you are opting for slip-ons, loafers and of course, sneakers. 

Feel free to look through our website at to take your pick at our amazing range of accessories that not only will spice up your day in college, but office, weddings, and all kinds of events and non-events possible.

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Happy Shopping!

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