AM To PM Looks

Palak Bhasin

Posted on December 08 2018

AM To PM Looks

You know how life is these days! A girl has got no time to breathe! Professional life to personal life, all of it needs to be in order, and boy, isn’t that tiring?

Us ladies have it hard, trying to blend in formal with informal, but fear not, when Knick Knack Nook is here, we have the perfect formula to convert drab into fab. Diving into the depths of our endless collection, we have unearthed accessories, that are not only work place appropriate, but also add the bling to your late-night movie shows, an early dinner date, a night of clubbing or a romantic stroll in the evening.

Hop onto our website to take a pick at your choice of AM to PM jewelry, and splurge to your hearts content.



Style one of our favourite pairs- Steel Scarlet a classy tasseled beauty, or Diamente Hoops, channeling the classic hoop vibe- two elegant as well as stylish pieces work with formal office attire or any party look you would want to work it with. We recommend, altering your make up to go with the respective looks. A nude or soft glossy lip for work and Scarlet or maroon bold lips for the perfect party attire.

We also recommend going for earrings that are longer, like Glam Drops or Egyptian Romance that will bind both ‘AM wear’ as well as ‘PM wear’ equally effectively.


Neckpieces form the center of any outfit and look. We at Knick Knack Nook have a wide range of neckpieces that will suit all your moods and will be appropriate all around the clock.

Delve into our collections, from our website and choose from classic pieces to equally glam chokers that bring out the best in you, workplace or not.


Some Subtle Glam

Subtle accessories add a much needed change and freshness to any outfit. Drab to Fab in seconds, little things like rings and classy bracelets make any outfit look chic.

Sometimes when everything else seems too much, we recommend trying some of our classic pieces that are not too much, but essentially pleasing to the eye, drawing attention to detail. Try out our Saturn Rings or the Sophia bracelet that compliment any look tastefully, creating the desired effect of edgy as well as classy.


 Bag to Basics

 Our newest products to hit the market is our Bag to Basics collection that house our range of bags that are the perfect accessory to add to any look. The best part of our bags is that each have the option of a sling to make it handy enough to carry in your hand or otherwise, all adjusted according to your preference.

The versatile designs that combine indie chic and boho vibes, make it appropriate and a staple accessory, as Hannah Montanna said it- ‘the best of both worlds’.


Let us know the accessories you like to wear round the clock, and hop onto to shop your favourite pieces to add to your AM to PM collection.

Follow us on our social media handles, and use #MyKnickKnacks for a chance to get featured on our page! Look into our blogs for more fun stuff like lookbooks and style decoding.

Happy Shopping!

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