Accessory essentials

Saloni Lunia

Posted on June 11 2018

Accessory essentials

 Accessory essentials - knick knack nook

It is a unanimously agreed fact that accessories make or break an outfit. We cannot emphasize the importance of accessories, be it a statement piece or even as small as the studs in your ears. The right bag can take your look to another level and the wrong shoes can make your perfect outfit look anything but.

We firmly believe in maintaining a class, and some staple accessories add to your personal style statement. Keeping this in mind, we, at Knick Knack Nook, have for you a list of some staple accessories that need constant space in your wardrobe. A set of ‘go-to’ pieces or as we like to call it #MyKnickKnacks, that spice up any outfit or look.

So here we go-


The added benefit of protection from the sun, along with making us look on fleek. Sunglasses are a very fun accessory to work with. Different colours, designs and components add to your ensemble.

We, at Knick Knack Nook have a range of colourful shades that are made specifically to be fun and sexy at the same time. You can pick a colour that suits you best, and if you take our advice, we encourage experiments! Go grab yourself a pair, to add to your staple accessory collection.

 Sunglasses - knick knack nook



A bag is an essential carry for all ladies, because, who are we kidding, we have like a ton of stuff to carry. And even if you are not one of those, you will agree that bags remain a basic necessity.

Clutch bags, totes, sling bags, all of these have become a style statement as well. We, at Knick Knack Nook, have launched our Bag to Basics collection to help you pick out your favourite piece. The colour and the universal design of all the bags in the collection, make them a versatile piece of accessory just about perfect with any outfit.

 Bags -  knick knack nook



We girls love to embellish our bodies, and earrings are possibly the most visible part of any outfit. If you ask us, we recommend having four pairs of staple earrings that will be your savior in a state of fashion crisis or dilemma-

One pair of colorful tassel earrings to add fun to a simple or monochrome outfit, a pair of traditional ethnic earrings that go with western and Indian outfits alike, a pair of gem cut ‘showy’ or statement earrings to rock the party look, and lastly a pair of quirky fun earrings that can spice up any mundane day whether in college or in your workplace.

Knick Knack Nook, makes sure that all our designs are easily wearable and equally easy to carry, throughout your day without the hassle of discomfort or pain.

 earrings- knick knack nook



If you are not fan of earrings, or do not have your ears pierced at all, we suggest you look out for this tip to style your outfit.

Neck pieces and chokers are another way to create the right kind of attention for your outfit, and we, have all the right pieces lined up for you.

From delicate strings of pearl to chokers with an ethnic twist, and of course, the typical pieces that go with any outfit imaginable. Shop at our website to find your pick and add a couple to your essentials.

 Necklaces - knick knack nook



A subtle yet sure fire way to make any look go from basic to classy. Rings add emphasis to small details and add to the overall appeal of an outfit. Statement rings have been on demand since forever, and so have rings that are multi-fingered.

Add a ring or a set of rings from our collection ( and spice any outfit- western or traditional. A must-have staple accessory to go to when you are in mood for nothing else.

 rings - knick knack nook

So these are some accessory essentials which are a must in your wardrobe, pair them with any outfit or look to create a lasting appeal. Shop for these as well as other accessories on our website, and follow us for more blogs, looks, and some amazing accessories on

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