Accessorise according to your Personality

Vanshika Mendiratta

Posted on January 29 2018

Accessorise according to your Personality

A salient facet of the accessories that you wear is that they play a crucial role in reflecting your personality. Thus it is a widely advocated fact that one should choose their accessories wisely, in accordance with the place & occasion as they are a testament of your decision-making power.

We, at Knick Knack Nook have hand-picked 3 most common personality traits & the type of accessories that suit these traits.

1.Calm & Optimists

People who are calm & composed have a strong hold on their mind & possess great mental abilities. They generally believe in having a positive outlook on most things in life. They are followers of simplicity, never overdo things & usually look perfect from head to toe.

Hence they should go for dainty accessories in pastel shades such as our 'Perch-Lemon' 'Something Fishy-Aqua' 'Retro Diva' 'Enchantress' & many more elegant beauties from the Class Act Collection which has a multitude of chic crystals.

The mesmerising 'Tinkerbell' earrings & charming 'Marilyn' earrings having the perfect blues and dainty pearl beads too suit the optimistic personality well. 

As far as the neck pieces are concerned, our heavenly 'Peachy Drops of Heaven' & soothing 'Turkish Delight' necklaces are just the perfect accessories for calm & tension-free people.


2.Drama Queen

Dramatic people always intentionally or unintentionally manage to be Centre of Attention everywhere! Thus they should opt for quirky & loud accessories such as our sexy & swish 'Hotlips' 'My Lips are Sealed' 'Oh No!' & 'High Heels' earrings. 

They can also go for the immensely adorable 'Vanilla Softy' or 'Strawberry Cupcake' earrings to spice up their look!

Our glittery & glamorous 'Girl's Best Friends' & 'High Notes- Blue' are also perfect for all the Drama Queens out there!


3.Creative Soul

Creative people are those who can slay effortlessly as they are open to experimenting! They are the ones who flaunt the most unique accessories in the room such as our quirky 'Anokhi' & 'Shakti' nose pins, sexy 'Goal Digger' earrings, alluring 'Twistee' ring, mismatched 'La Perla' earrings and gorgeous 'Golden Weaves' earrings.

For those who're fascinated by the Cosmos, our 'Saturn's Rings' & 'Celestial' earrings are enough to suffice your needs!

Visit the official website of Knick Knack Nook for more of such enticing beauties!

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